June 13, 2024



What is a ready made company?

The term ready-made company is used for companies that are intended for sale. They are incorporated but without a trading history. Most often they are a limited company or a public limited company. For buyers, they mean a faster start in business and less paperwork and running around the offices.

With this type of company it is relatively easy and quick to start a business. Office House has years of experience in selling ready made companies. The documents are subject to regular accounting and legal review, so everything complies with current legal legislation. Full documentation and a signed guarantee of the cleanliness of the company from the removed director is included.

Why are ready made companies so advantageous?

The main reason for acquiring a ready made company is to speed up start of the business. Buying an already established company does cost some money, but it saves a lot of time that the entrepreneur would otherwise spend in the offices with annoying paperwork. It takes around 2 weeks to process a newly formed company. Buying an already of an established company will reduce this time to a few hours at most.

Another important point is the absence of financial burden in the form of repayment of the share capital, which is already fully paid up. These Moreover, the companies have never been used for business. In other words, only exist. They are registered in the commercial register, they have a registration number, but they have no debts or liabilities. After the purchase, the entrepreneur has a brand new company in front of him. with an unwritten charter and can start building it to his liking.

Ordering a ready-made company can be done online, in person However, you must visit a notary with an ID card and complete the formalities.

Main advantages

The main advantages of ready made companies include:

  • the share capital is paid in full by the turnover after the company is established,
  • registration in the trade and commercial register, including the assignment of a personal identification number (ID number),
  • tax registration including the assignment of a tax identification number (TIN),
  • the possibility to act for the company already on the day of the buyout,
  • guarantee of legal and accounting purity of established companies, possibility of any change in the company (change of the company name, registered office, business object, etc.),
  • no business activities, liabilities or debts,
  • incorporation solely for the purpose of subsequent sale,
  • readiness of companies for immediate sale,
  • fulfilment of all legal obligations towards the public authorities,
  • significant time savings,
  • express registration in the Commercial Register, including all changes made by notarial deed, thanks to which you will have the company rewritten in your name immediately. This means that the same day you will have an up-to-date certified extract from the Commercial Register including your new data.

Ready made companies in the Czech Republic

We first encountered the name ready made company in the Czech Republic in 2000-2001. Office House has been on the market since 2001 and can be considered pioneers in this field in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Currently, Office House offers around 25 companies of various types ready for business immediately.

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