May 30, 2024



How the company data box works

A data box is an electronic form of our regular mailbox. It is therefore a place where our correspondence is delivered, but compared to a normal mailbox it is electronic. Exactly how a data box works, who it is obligatory for and how it how to set it up?

Data box: everything you need to know about it

A data box is a state-guaranteed electronic communication tool that completely replaces traditional paper letters. It is designed for simplified communication with public authorities. All authorities are thus obliged to use data boxes in their communication with anyone who has a data box.

While by the end of the year 2022, sole traders could only use it if they chose to do so, from 1 January 2016. January 2023, the state set up data boxes for all sole traders automatically. So should have been done by 31 March 2023 at the latest, so if you are self-employed, you would already should have your “datacard”. During the first quarter you should have received a letter with a yellow bar containing your access data and instructions on how to log in to your data box. Exactly how to set up a data box you can learn how to on the official website.

The authorities have automatically set up the so-called data box also to those tradesmen who currently have a suspended trade. If you are applying for a new trade licence, you can apply for a data box. you do not need to apply for a datapad, as the state will set one up for you automatically. You cannot cancel your data box as a self-employed person.

Setting up a data box

Don’t have time to look after your data box? Never mind! We will watch the data box for you at the company’s headquarters. Use the services of OFFICE HOUSE! On the basis of a power of attorney we will gain access to your data box. From this point on, we will take care of your inbox and inform you of new messages in a predetermined manner. In the case of foreign clients, we also offer translation of messages from the data box into the respective foreign language.

Not sure how to manage your data box?

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